Last year we were approached by the Alzheimer Aruba Foundation to ask if we could help them with their website. The wishes were modest, news and events were the main part.

Of course we went further than that, see also the donation functionality on the website as an example.

Ultimately, we believe that we have certainly succeeded in capturing their image in a website with the desired appearance and functionality. And the foundation agrees!

This is already the second Aruban assignment from HCWebAdvies. In addition to the communication that often goes via e-mail, it also takes some getting used to challenges that we do not think about here in the Netherlands.Where a webshop or a donation functionality in the Netherlands is relatively easy to set up (iDeal), it is always necessary to search for the right form of online payment processing. Fortunately, we also see local banks and companies taking major steps in this direction.

All in all, a nice challenge with a good result.

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