Three weeks ago the order came in to completely renew the website of Neuropsychology Ambulatory Aruba (N.A.A.). There was a hurry because the event of the year also had to find a place on the website.

Fortunately, we were able to take a lot of text from the old website, but before the event there were such specifications that we decided to set it up from scratch. That means no standard event program but coding and connecting each page separately.

All this was realized on time despite the 6-hour time difference with the customer in Aruba and the fulfillment company on Curaçao. Fortunately, nowadays there is a variety of efficient means of communication to achieve this.

Do you also want a website that is delivered on time and on budget? Do you want a website in Dutch, Spanish, English or Papiamento? Everything is possible. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities! We like to help you.